Model Safety Association (M.S.A)

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The Model Safety Association (M.S.A.) is set up to help protect models from abuse and misuses by Agents and Photographers, The aim of the Association is to advise and if necessary report to the authorities abuse or misuse of models,.

The prime concern of The Model Safety Association (M.S.A.) is the proper conduct of Agents and Photographers towards Models, Safety is of paramount importance towards the models, and the behaviour of agents and photographers must be in the interest of the models

The procedure for reporting abuse of any kind is as follows.

1. Make note of place, time and date. of incident and contact
authorities and make a report of the abuse.

2. Keep notes of any further contact with abuser and any further abuse.

3 If in a situation where abuse may happen try to get out quickly and safely.

4 Always leave details of location and name and address and
phone number of where the work is to take place with a parent
or friend.

5 Always ring a friend or parent to confirm your safety at the place of work.

Please if you wish to obtain further information then text or call 07808252493

The policy of The Models Safety Association (M.S.A.) is to keep all Models safe at there place of work,

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